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Who we are

ASC Family Office is a dedicated team of professional advisors who oversee all of your financial affairs.

We have a proven track record in the venture capital industry, a long history of working with family businesses and families, and a network of global partners.

This allows us to offer a proven, proactive and personalized service that minimizes your risks and unlocks your opportunities.


Our family investment management approach is founded on the following:

Capital preservation

We protect our clients’ investments by being conservative but implement appropriate diversification and inflation protection procedures.

Superior risk-adjusted returns

We use specialists, best-in-class investment managers to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.


Your portfolio will be diversified by asset class, industry group, region, manager style, and security. This approach tends to reduce volatility, enhance capital preservation and increase overall returns per unit of risk.


We use a multitude of tools and structures to reduce the negative impact taxes have on your returns. This reduces the impact taxes have on eating away at your financial gain, particularly in low-return environments.

Our Services

Wealth Management

Our advisors understand the needs of ultra-high-net-worth families. We will build a portfolio for you that meets your growth, risk management, and wealth-preservation expectations, by utilizing traditional and alternative money management.

Investment Strategy

We make full use of our diversification opportunities, by utilizing a broad team of investment managers and tools and extend into non-traditional and illiquid assets if appropriate.

Tax & Financial Planning

Our team’s diverse background allows us to provide holistic financial advice. We work with your family’s accountants, attorneys, and other advisors, to ensure that our counsel contributes to your tax planning and financial goals.


Your privacy is our highest priority. If you need to stay anonymous, we have legal and technological solutions to make your investments discreet.


There are five steps in our wealth management process:

01 Client Discovery

We put you first. Finding the right combination of your objectives, desires, resources, and constraints, is at the heart of our client discovery conversations.

02 Risk Allocation

We then protect your net worth by using our unique risk assessment approach. Although each family is distinct, we believe that their lifetime needs should be ‘immunized’ with very conservative assets and that their legacy objectives can often afford a higher risk/return option. We consider all possibilities.

03 Asset Allocation

We make informed asset allocation decisions by combining client discovery, risk allocation, and an understanding of the economic environment and investment alternatives. We design a catered, diversified, risk-appropriate portfolio that meets your objectives. All of this is captured in an Investment Policy Statement, which later becomes the framework for your future investment decisions.

04 Asset Location

We then look to create the most tax efficient option for you by locating the assets in the most appropriate legal entities.

05 Reporting and Review

We monitor and review the state of your portfolio to ensure we are meeting agreed-upon objectives and present our findings to you. We understand that family changes and/or the economic environment may require immediate action, so we will determine if your portfolio will require any adjustments.

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